Getting in the Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow of faith
Imagine yourself standing with a group of people at the top of Niagara Falls.  A tightrope is stretched above the water.  On the tightrope is a man with a wheelbarrow.  In the wheelbarrow is a two hundred pound Saint Bernard dog.  You watch in amazement as the man pushes the dog and the wheelbarrow safely back and forth above the falls.

After his fifth successful trip, the man turns to the crowd and says, “I can easily take a man or woman across the falls in this wheelbarrow.  Do you believe this? You think, No problem!  After all, most people would weigh less than the huge dog and wouldn’t squirm as much.

As you vigorously nod your head, agreeing that the man could do such a thing, he turns, points to you and says, “Get in.”

It’s one thing to believe that God can do something.  It’s quite another to put yourself in a position of reliant trust.  This is the distinction between intellectual belief and wholehearted belief.

What would it take for you to crawl into the wheelbarrow?

God does not demand that you have blind faith, but abandoned faith, a faith that trusts him completely.

This is a excerpt from a book I’m currently reading, “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow.  It is a woman’s guide to finding contentment.


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