Paddleboard Racing Saturday

My little brother and I met up to do a 5K paddleboard race yesterday.  I paddled like crazy and gave it my all but have now have learned from this second race that my board is definitely NOT meant for racing being the smallest and heaviest board out there.  Oh, well.  It was fun and that’s what I went out there for.  I LOVE paddleboarding.  It’s the type of exercise that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising.  It’s so peaceful and such a de-stressor for me.  If I do another race, my brother has agreed to let me race on his board.  His board is much longer and more buoyant.  My brother, on the other hand, placed 6th overall!  Was a great Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Paddleboard Racing Saturday

    • Paddleboarding is a lot of fun. The amount of balance required depends on where your paddling. If you’re paddling in the ocean with waves and current, you’ll need good balance. If you’re paddling in a canal or lake, you’ll need much less balance to get started. Of course, you can build your balance and core with time and practice. What I did before investing (I say “investing” because it can be quite expensive) was to rent a board and try it out a couple of times. I was hooked right away.

      There are a ton of board options ranging from $700 – $2000. There are standard SUP surfboards, race boards, inflatable boards (do not recommend), etc. You’ll also need a paddle to get started. Sometimes the board will come with one. I used my stock paddle for a couple of months then upgraded to a much lighter, more ergonomic carbon fiber paddle. It made a huge difference!

      Paddleboarding is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. You engage all muscle groups from your shoulders to your feet. Depending on weight, you can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories in an hour. That is more than double te calories you burn surfing!

      I recommend renting one to try it out. Hope you enjoy it!

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