Birthday Celebration – Take 2

We promised Trey that we would go to Busch Gardens for his 11th birthday instead of having a birthday party.  One thing lead to another, i.e. tackle football practice started (it’s truly like a part-time job) and we never went.  Well this year he was very clear and vocal about the fact that we didn’t go last year and that he wanted to go this year.  Even though money is a bit tight right now, we bought the tickets, booked the hotel room and went to Tampa for his birthday weekend.  Then the adventure began…

We went through a long stretch of highway where there was a whole lot of nothing and my son had to use the restroom.  We finally reach a gas station and he tells us he’s going to be a while.  (AHEM) We’re waiting and waiting and waiting.  At this point there is no line for the women’s restroom but the men’s restroom has a line that is 15 men deep.  He finally comes out of the restroom and is very frustrated.  Apparently people kept knocking on the stall door asking if he was done and telling him to hurry up.  It caused a bit of stage fright and frustration.  Poor guy!

I decide to get a hotel close to the  theme park so we could save on parking fees by walking.  We get there to find out that the entire area surrounding the park is completely, well…not so nice.  Our hotel, The “Quality” Inn was not so quality.  Unfortunately, I prepaid.  Otherwise, we would have bolted from there so fast.  The hotel was infested by spiders (my husband nicely waited until after checkout to tell me that he found some in our bed).  Apparently, if you sloppily slap paint on a run down building, you can call it “newly renovated”.  We decided to let the kids swim in the pool the last night because it actually looked decent only to find out that it was the pot smoking hang out.  That hotel will now forever be known by our family and “The Un-Quality Out”.

The first day at the park was fun but man, was it ever hot and humid.  It was so hot that my son got a rash in private places from all the sweating and walking.  We proceeded to leave the park early to let him lay up in our ghetto hotel with his newly purchased Boudreaux’s Butt Paste applied.

All in all, the trip was a blast.  We ate some great Mexican and authentic Jamaican food.  We rode some really fun roller coasters and saw a few cute animals.  Trey’s 12th year started off with a bang.  Now off to summer and middle school….YIKES!


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