Trey’s 12th Birthday

We kicked off Trey’s 12th birthday with some indoor surfing.  This adventure was on a school day and was caused by a bit of mama guilt.    Trey is “graduating” from elementary school and had a big end of the year field trip with the entire 5th grade class.  Steve and I somehow missed the down payment deadline for the trip, which meant Trey did not get to go.  The guilt and bad feelings kicked in, so I promised that while the class was on the trip, I would take the time off of work to hang out and do whatever he wanted (within reason).

We were scheduled to surf for 30 minutes but since it was in the middle of the week and a school day, we were the only surfers there.  The instructor found out it was Trey’s birthday and we basically got to surf til we dropped which is apparently about an hour and a half.

The water shoots upward at 35 miles per hour which means that unfortunately, the instructor got mooned and flashed by me multiple times and mooned by my son every time (loose swimsuit).  Basically, you wipe out every time.

I was sore for an entire week which was longer than after I ran a marathon, but that’s ok because we had a BLAST!

Happy 12th birthday Trey!  I love you more than words can say.


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