Anthropologie Refashion DIY

Anthropologie Shirt Front Anthropologie Shirt Side View Anthropologie Shirt Back

Do you have an old tee (or seven) in the bottom of the drawer that you don’t wear anymore?  I certainly do.  I saw this cute Anthropologie tee the other day (that is no longer for sale) and realized it would be pretty easy to make since it is simply a refashion or upcycle of an old t-shirt.  The shirt only took about 30 minutest to make and I was able to make it with items I already had at home.  Here are step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

Old t-shirt (not too fitted)
1/4 of a yard of chiffon (or similar) material in a pattern of your choice
Straight pins
Sewing machine


  1. Cut back of t-shirt including the side seams and up to where the armpits begin.
  2. Lay out your chiffon material with the piece you cut from the tee.
  3. Cut your chiffon about 1 1/2 times wider than the piece of cut t-shirt and about one inch longer.
  4. Pin the chiffon to the tee all the way around making a gathered stitch in the top middle portion on the chiffon material.
  5. Sew along all sides.
  6. Hem the bottom into either a straight edge or curved edge.


A Trip to the Zoo

Walking into ZooNell Scared of the LeopardTigerTrey in the MistTrey riding the anteaterGorillaDanica on the ElephantKids at Big Christmas TreeNell and Steve hugging by bambooD and Trey on RhinoNell in front of bamboo

Our family has become somewhat obsessed with the movie “We Bought a Zoo” recently and after watching it for the bazillionth time, something occurred to me.  We have lived in south Florida for almost 9 years now and have never been to the Miami Zoo.  How crazy is that?  At this point, you’d think my children are far too old for the zoo; at 17 and 14 years old.  The exact opposite was true.  When telling them about the idea they were ecstatic.  We all had such a great time proving that age has nothing to do with it.

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

Danica Looking up at Ornametn Treys Head out the AtticHow Simba Helps Decorate Simba on Ledge looking at Picture Simba Looking Down Steve Pointing Up at Simba Christmas Tree House Front in Lights

It’s our family tradition to spend the day after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas.  This year was spent doing the same but with a lot of trips to the store to get more lights and our orange cat, Simba, being silly and adventurous.  I always love decorating at first but after about 4 or 5 hours I’m definitely over it and just ready to be done so I can just sit back and enjoy it.  These are truly the best of times with family; well, with Danica.  The boys aren’t too interested.  That’s ok.  It will be their job to take everything down and put it away after Christmas.  :)

DIY Outdoor Lighting

Rolling out the LightsHanging Lights on Pole Hanging Lights on Ladder at House
Backyard Lights at Night

Our backyard is completely shaded by two massive oak trees.  No grass will grow whatsoever which results in a yard of dirt, sand, rocks and weeds.  Honestly, it’s just not all that appealing to hang out in. So, in an effort to make our backyard not only attractive, but (as my husband says) an oasis, we completed phase 2 of our backyard remodel. {You can see phase 1, DIY fire pit, here) We cemented two poles strategically in order to string outdoor lights around the fire pit and landscaping. The two poles will be the beginning of phase 3 of the backyard remodel, which will be a full gazebo. More to come on this soon (hopefully).

Here are the step-by-step instructions along with links to the supplies.

2 – 8 foot pre-treated wooden posts
2 long nails
2 bags of quick dry cement
Outdoor string lights


  1. Measure spots for both poles each from the back of the house as well as the distance from each other.
  2. Mark the two spots.
  3. Dig a hole about 18″ in circumference and 2 feet deep.
  4. Fill the hole half way with water.
  5. Pour in one bag of the quick dry cement.
  6. Use a level to even out the pole all directions (top and sides).
  7. Hold in place for a few minutes. It will fully dry in about a couple of hours.
  8. Repeat #’s 3 -7 for the second post.
  9. Once completely dry, put a nail in the top of each post.
  10. String lights from the house, then to first post, then to second post and finally back to the house.

*My apologies for the fuzzy photos.  It was near dark or completely dark and they were taken with my phone.

Quote for the Day

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” -Mother Teresa


Tropical Tuesday

Clear Water 2 Clear Water View Clear Water Cracked iPhone Cut Foot D Braiding Nells Hair Danica Sticking Tongue Out Nell and D at the Beach Nell Taking Pics on Rocks Before Fall Nells BraidScraped Knee and Cracked iPhone Standing on Rocks with Water Splashing Steve at Top of Rocks Steve Walking Down Beach Trey going Spearing Trey with Hawaiian Sling

An afternoon at the beach with the family is always awesome even when you climb rocks to take pics and fall busting yourself, your iPhone and your camera.  Hey, anything for a good picture, right?  I climbed up fairly high on the rocks and took some really awesome shots of the beautifully clear water and my son snorkeling.  I’ve done this type of thing many times in the past.  It was until I was done taking pics and standing on the bottom layer of rocks talking to my son that I lost my balance and fell.  I wish I could show you these cuts and my now cracked iPhone (what I’m most upset about) and say it was because I was doing something super cool like surfing or skateboarding but, no.  It was just simply me being clumsy.  Oh well.  I really did get some good shots though.  Now on to figure out what to do about my iPhone.

Life Without Internet

Burning PaperBuilding Blocks Trey Playing in the Fire Terrorizing the Cat

Our home entertainment options are solely based on the internet.  This means that when then internet goes down, all entertainment options go with it; no tv, video games, computer, Skype, etc.  So this is what a weekend with two teenagers and no internet looks like.  The kids threw their old school work into the fire in our new fire pit page by page.  The boys pulled out some old building blocks and made Lord of the Rings towers.  Because just building the towers wasn’t enough, they had to make them crash and video it in slow motion (which actually looked pretty cool, I must admit).  Things got really desperate when we resorted to putting on gorilla slippers and terrorizing the cats.

I’m not a big TV watcher but do spend way too much time on my phone and on blogs.  To be honest, I really enjoyed not having internet. Our teenagers spent time just hanging out with us with no distractions.   Overall we have way too many entertainment options and way too many distractions.  This weekend we were forced to unplug but I would choose to do it again anytime.

DIY Firepit

BootsFirePit Firepit with Chairs Gloves Backyard in progress Backyard complete

I have been wanting a fire pit in our backyard for a while now and with the cooler weather, I thought this would be a great time to build one.  Honestly, the fire pit is super easy to build, but you will definitely want some extra muscle to help carry these stones.  They are super heavy.  Here are the step-by-step instructions along with links to the supplies.

36 Retaining Wall Stones12″ x 4″
Bag of sand
2 bags of pea gravel or river rocks


  1. Mark off the area where the fire pit will be placed.
  2. Kill (with weed and grass killer) and/or pull all grass and weeds in the marked off area.
  3. Using a rake, shovel or your hands, level off the marked area.
  4. Place 12 stones (first layer) in a circle putting the stones flush against each other.
  5. Place the next 12 stones (second layer) staggering the placement.
  6. Place the last 12 stones (third layer) staggering the placement.
  7. Pour the bag of sand inside the circle of stones and level with hands.
  8. Pour both bags of rocks into the pit and level with hands.
  9. Do any other landscaping you’d like to give it a finishing touch.
  10. Put chairs around the fire pit.
  11. Grab a drink and enjoy.

Tropical Tuesday :: Skateboard Weather

Skateboarding PicBeach Waves LIfeguard Stand Palm Sidewalk View Skateboarding Pic2

These are the days we South Floridians look forward to.  These type of days are the reason that people live in South Florida and why so many people travel here to visit.  When it gets terribly cold everywhere else in the country, it becomes springtime here.  We only have summer and spring weather.  It is truly spectacular with lows in the 60’s and highs’ in the 70’s, sunshine and an ocean breeze.  You can go to the beach, skateboard, or walk the boardwalk without one drop of sweat.  I’m taking every chance I get to hop on my skateboard and go for a ride.  Happy “winter” everyone!

Family Time

D catching football D running with ball D Throwing Football Danica on Treys BackMom and Dad in Street Mom Catching Ball Mom dad and Trey playing football Nell after getting pushed in pool Nell Mad Papa throwing football Trey and Papa Throwing Football Trey Catching Ball Trey Caught D Trey Chasing D 2 Trey Chasing D Trey throwing FootballTrey trying to tackle D

The season was over at my dad’s work after him putting in 150 days straight (or something crazy like that).  So, he came for a visit.  We spent some great quality time together at their future retirement home.  We played a lot of football, Mom and I did crafts, I got thrown into the cold pool fully clothed (hence the mean face pic), we grilled out surf and turf, and watched the Saints beat the Packers in the Sunday night football game. Good times, good times!