DIY $5 Maxi Skirt

DIY maxi skirt
I have seen these very cute and quite comfortable looking maxi skirts all over Pinterest.  With my love to craft and sew, I figured I would find a good tutorial online and give it a shot.  To my surprise, I found a very easy to follow tutorial and made the skirt in about an hour.  The best part is that it only cost $5 to make!  The tutorial I followed below is from Do It Yourself Divas.  Check it out.

Handmade Shell Jewelry

Shell Necklace Short Shell Necklace Long Shell Jewelry Shell Hairpin Small Shell Hairpin Small Nautilus Shell Earrings Close UpShell Earrings On
I would say that a beachy casual style is the look where I feel the most comfortable and truly myself.  Unfortunately, this look is quite difficult to pull off at a job where the minimum dress is business casual.  I am always looking for ways to incorporate my beachy look into my everyday work attire.

Being a lover of the ocean, I have collected many seashells throughout the years.  One day I had a wild idea of making jewelry out of some of my seashells. One idea led to another and I’ve probably made about 20 pieces of jewelry so far.

I absolutely love incorporating small pieces of the beach into my everyday work style.


Crazy Life
Sometimes life kicks you directly in the butt!  This past week life has not only kicked me in the butt, it has done so over and over again.

  1. I had to fire my first employee (ever).
  2. Dealing with (and am still dealing with) some serious emotional baggage.
  3. My daughter totaled her car by t-boning another vehicle going 45 mph which resulted in an ER visit (she’s ok – thank God!).
  4. My son came down with pneumonia.
  5. My project manager on our large tech project quit.

So, I am praying this prayer that I came across during my morning reading.  It was just what I needed at just the right time. ;)

Prayer: Lord, when I am weary, when I struggle, when circumstances seem greater than I can handle, Your call – first, last, and always – is to be strong in You and to trust in Your mighty power.  Today, may my life demonstrate what only you can do. Amen.

A Beachin’ Weekend

Beach Landscape Dee Side View Beach Green Ocean Jumping off Paddleboard Nell and Dee Beach Selfie Paddleboarding In Trey after Snorkeling Trey Snorkeling Trey Walking in from Snorkeling

It was a beachin’ kind of weekend.  The water was fairly flat and breathtakingly clear.  Those type of days are the best.  The fam and I did some paddleboarding, swimming and snorkeling. The beach is my happy place and spending the weekend there was just what I needed.


At the non-profit (Cross International) where I work, we do daily devotions to start off each work day.  I thought I would share my most recent devotion given at work.  It is entitled “STOP”.  I showed the wonderful Overwhelmed video by Jennie Allen and then spoke from my heart about what God has been doing in my life.  There are so many of us spinning our wheels in the business of life so I hope this can touch your life in some way.  Enjoy!

How much is enough? How much is too much? Society tells us that in order to be deemed successful, the more you have on your plate the better.  We see depictions online or in other media of (in my case) the “superwoman”. You know what I’m referring to. That woman who is the perfect mother, has the perfect children, a clean home, holds down a high level job, volunteers at their kids’ school and does charity work.

These views are very deceiving.  You are only seeing the highlights of their life.  You’re not seeing the down and dirty mess behind the scenes.

About a year ago, God told me to simply STOP. Yes, just stop. Stop seeking additional responsibility, volunteering, leading groups, etc. Stop. That simple four letter word can be a terribly difficult thing to put into action. But, I did it. Don’t get me wrong, there was a good bit of twitching and anxiousness involved, but I did it. So, I stopped.  Guess what happened as a result?  I was a much happier, level and content person.

It’s ok to build margin in your life.  Every minute does not have to be planned. If every minute of your life is planned, you leave no room for God to speak; you leave no room for God to work in your life. But, if you do in fact build margin then, you build room to hear God’s still small voice.

A Vintage Boho Chair

Peacock Boho Chair After
Finding something on Craigslist is not all that difficult unless you are searching for something very specific. I had been on the prowl for a very particular chair.  To be honest, I didn’t even know what type of chair it was; I had no idea what to even call it.  I just knew the look of it, that it was from the 70’s era and made of wicker. After searching online, I found that some called it a peacock chair, some said it is a queen chair while others called it a boho or bohemian chair.  Either way, I was able to do my Craigslist hunt which required a bit of patience as it took me a couple of months to finally find one.  I scored an old white boho chair from a lady an hour away.  It had been sitting on her patio for who knows how many years.  It was in good condition overall but had a horrible seat cushion and a lot of chipped white paint.  3 spray paint cans and $20 later, you have this beauty right here.  I’m pretty excited about the way it turned out.

* Unfortunately, I lost the before picture so all I have is the after shot.
* Also, thanks to my brother for venturing into this “sketch” Craigslist deal by grabbing this chair off a lady’s patio and leaving a twenty under a paint can!  :)

4th of July Celebration

Papa Waving Fireworks D at the Pool Papa and Nell Papa Nana and Trey in the Pool Smokey Pool Steve in Hammock Trey Negotiating with Papa Trey Pulled D in Pool

This 4th of July was spent celebrating my dad’s birthday in their newly purchased retirement home. My parents have been planning for retirement for many, many years and the first part of their dream came true just in time to celebrate the 4th of July. We had a blast breaking in their new pool.

They Are Home

Back from Cali

After being gone nearly a month to California, my kids are home. The hubs and I had nice quality time alone but, it is great to have them back where they belong. Our family is whole again.

As a bonus, my parents flew back with them to close on their retirement home here in Florida! I am so excited for them and excited that they will live nearby soon. Check back for more details on this in the near future.

A Weekend without Kids Part 3

Bike under the Palm

Hanging under the Palms

hat and sunglasses

Nell in Hammock on South Beach

Nells Bike Looking Down

palm view

Palm with Sunshine Through

south beach lifeguard

Steve on Bike TrailCruise Ship

Steve on Bike Trail 2

It was our last weekend alone before the kids came home so we decided to something different yet the same. We wanted to do another beach bike ride but change up the scenery a bit so we decided to load up the bikes and head down to south beach in Miami. If you’ve ever been to south beach, you know how crazy and crowded it can be. This weekend was no different. After getting there and seeing all the craziness (world cup parties didn’t help), we were very reluctant that this trip would pan out. But after much searching, we found a place to park, unloaded our bikes and began our little adventure. We rode up and down the boardwalk along the beach, stopped at an ice cream stand, sat and watched the massive cruise ships come up the intracoastal from the port, did a ton of people watching, laid in the grass for a break and even took a short nap. It was fabulous.

I think beach bike riding may be our new thing. You can do so much more sightseeing and exploring when you’re on a bike versus in a car or on foot. Plus the hubs has decided to begin a new “bike pimping” project. More to come on this front.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time alone with my husband. He is my partner and my very best friend. I absolutely love doing anything and everything with him. These times alone truly make me look forward to the future.


A photo of my children every month :: June

D in a Hat papa and trey fishing

Dee {17 years and 3 months}:
They spent the entire month of June in California with my parents.  They got to do so many cool things together but she got some special treatment alone like breakfast in bed and a girls day manicure/pedicure with my mom.  She had a blast but is looking forward to the next chapter of her summer.  Her boyfriend (who she hasn’t seen in a year) comes back from Belgium, she has church camp and then gets to go on a trip with her boyfriend and his parents to get him setup for college.  She’s beyond excited.

Trey {14 years and 1 month}:
They spent the entire month of June in California with my parents.  Trey got special treatment in California by going on fishing excursions with my dad.  He had a so much fun but is looking forward to coming home and starting football next week.  Also, he is now just a tad bit taller than my dad.  He is growing so fast!